I am not anti-social, I am selectively social. 

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Where did all these anons come from??? Omg

who's one friend in HS you used to be very close with but eventually faded apart?

by Anonymous

Lol again, Taylor. We were super close in like 8th-9th grade and then faded apart. Other than that, never really got close to a lot of people.

is there anyone in HS you wish you had gotten closer to?

by Anonymous

Yeah. I wish I stayed close to Taylor and maybe got closer to Bonnie and Natalia since they were always nice to me. I just wish I had any close friend, really.

i was looking through your pictures, your cuts, has someone ever saw them accidently that cared about you? i'm afraid it'll happen to me, and i wouldnt know how to react. especially if someone in school that cared about me saw them

by Anonymous

There has been a few times people people have seen them. My friend Taylor pulled down my hair elastics once and saw all my cuts in the middle of class. She freaked out, but I acted nothing of it because I was so shocked. Anyway, after that she started to ask me about it and legitimately seem as if she cared to know what was going on, which I thought was sweet because we weren’t as close then. If people do see them, and you care about them and they care about you, they’ll most likely talk to you about it in a friendly manner. If it does happen, you have to stay strong. You don’t have to tell them exactly why, because I never did, but I’m sure someone will be there to care for you and help you if needed. Stay strong, whoever you are. I’m always here if you need someone. ❤️

what ever happened to margaret from charter???

by Anonymous

I’m not 100% sure, but she got arrested for lying to detectives or something like that about her boyfriend at the time murdering someone.

Are there people you were best friends with in middle school and no longer speak to anymore?

by Anonymous

Oh, yeah. Many people. The only people I talk to are Max and Nick. Oh, and Eudic.

I can’t stop crying. Why do you have to leave?